DC Comics x Medicom Toy 75th Anniversary Super Deluxe KUBRICK Set

This year marks the 75th year anniversary of famous toy company Medicom Toy. As part of their celebration we can see their latest Kubric pack which celebrates the Batman series as well as Superman, In this set we can see multiple variations of Batman as the years changed the style bat suit that he wore. Also seen is Catwoman, Robin, The Joker and more. You can check out the full list bellow and these are set to be hitting stores on December 15th of 2010.

Batman (comics-style): NEW DECO!
Superman (Superman Returns movie)
Batgirl (animated-style): NEW DECO!
The Joker (The Dark Knight movie): NEW DECO! NEW ACCESSORY!
Batman (animated-style): NEW DECO!
Batman (The Dark Knight movie)
Batman (Batman movie 1989): NEW DECO!
Robin (animated-style): NEW DECO!
Catwoman (Batman Returns movie)
Harley Quinn (animated-style): NEW DECO!

Average size of each figure is 2.7″ high.

Source: Toy News